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Consumer’s Rights

It is the consumer’s right, pursuant to section 828-29, Florida Statues, to receive a certificate inspection with each dog purchased from a pet dealer.
Such a certificate shall list all vaccines and de-worming medications
administered to the animal and shall state that the animal has been
examined by a Florida licensed veterinarian who certifies that, to the best of his knowledge, the animal was found to have been healthy at the time of veterinary examination. In the event that the consumer has purchased the animal and finds it to have been unfit for purchase as provided in section 828-95(5), Florida Statues, the consumer must notify the pet dealer within 2 business days of the veterinarians determination that the animal was unfit. The consumer has the right to retain, return or exchange the animal and
receive the reimbursement for certain related veterinary services rendered to
the animal, subject to the right of the dealer to have the animal examined by
another veterinarian.

****There shall be no return or exchanges of any Chihuahua puppy for any
reason provided the subject is deemed fit for sale. This includes but is not
limited to allergies, landlord disputes, family disputes, incompatibility with
other animals, buyers inability to potty train or any other puppy behavior the
buyer finds undesirable, the buyer decides they do not like the size of the
puppy as an adult dog, the care  required of a Chihuahua puppy this size,

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