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   Preparing for your new puppy to come home

         Congratulations on deciding to adopt a chihuahua puppy from I Luv Chihuahuas!!

    Before you bring your puppy home, you should have the following:

  • A play yard or designated confined area for you puppy. The area should be big enough for a bed, food, water and a pee pad

  • Bed

  • Pee pads ( I buy the pee pads from publix—they are the best quality)

  • Plenty of safe items to chew on and toys to play with

  • Nutri-cal

  • An appointment with a good vet that is familiar with chihuahuas scheduled within 72 hours of you taking your puppy home.

  • Puppy proof your home (no exposed electrical cords, cleaning supplies, plants, etc.)

  • Food and water bowls

  • You will need a leash and harness but its best to wait until you have the puppy for accurate measurements for the harness.

  • Food that the puppy is currently eating ***ROYAL CANIN XTRA SMALL PUPPY DRY FOOD******

  • Plan your schedule to have a couple days off when your new baby comes home to spend time with them. Going to a new home is a big event for a puppy so they will need to be comforted and loved so they don’t get too stressed out being alone in a strange environment.






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